ATV Safety Course

Proper training is crucial when driving any type of vehicle. In the case of ATVs, safety training is a MUST before you ride these powerful, versatile machines! ATVs are not toys, and they must be handled with respect. With proper training and use of common sense, however, they can be a ton of fun to ride!

In the interactive online ATV Safety Course you will learn the basics in becoming a safer and more responsible ATV rider. You will also learn why the sport is currently on the rise, and how to help secure the future of ATV riding.

Topics that are covered in the course:

* Parts of an ATV
* Basic ATV Maintenance
* Safety Gear
* Safe riding practices
* Basic riding skills
* More advanced ATV riding skills
* Techniques for riding on different terrains
* The ABC’s of responsible ATV riding
* Basic wilderness survival techniques
* Basic First Aid methods
* ATV license

Courses are convenient and the certification exam is approved by state agencies responsible for ATV safety and education regulations in the state. Once you have passed the final exam, you will be able to print out a temporary certificate, so you can get out on the ATV trails right away! Your permanent ATV license will be sent to your home within a few weeks time.

Visit ATV Course for all your certification needs!

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